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Teacher Training Day

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DramEd offer training days specifically for staff within nurseries.

Our training days are titled:

  • Effective communication with Parents, Pupils and Peers – this workshop helps to build staff morale by providing information along with exercises that help staff become more mindful of how they communicate with one another,  how to communicate with young children effectively through body language and voice and how to represent your nursery at all times through their communication with parents.


  • How to Make Story Time Fun and Interesting


  • Engaging Children in Learning through Drama


Just some of the things nursery staff have said about us:


“That was my second training with you and I loved both. It’s something you remember for long, and your personality and your energy just so positive and engaging. Thank you. :)”


“Your energy was amazing and made me feel comfortable straight away. I am not one to get up and throw myself into things, but your openness made me feel comfortable enough to join in.”


“I had to step out of my comfort zone in certain points of this training. I always like, afterwards, to push myself, I just need to make the first step to start enjoying it. Growing self-confidence is something I am always looking for, knowing myself helps me getting along with myself better and helps me dealing with emotions I feel in different situations. ” Marcello


“I really enjoyed the interactive parts of the training, I feel like it helped me build confidence throughout the course. It was really entertaining and also informative. I remembered some useful tips on how to improve my body language in my work and personal relationships (or with strangers).” – Lulia

“I think it was very good and very thought out. I think it went well and I enjoyed it even no it took me out of my comfort zone ie dancing but I enjoyed it. And not being stuck behind a desk the whole time.”

“The training was very good and learnt a lot!” – Riyhanna


“I really enjoyed the delivery and entertainment value wasn’t boring like the normal training which really helped me to concentrate and take in what Grace was saying. Also really loved your bubbly attitude thank you!  ” – Philippa

“An amazing training session by DramEd (grace) very understanding ,and delivered aN amazing session with the staff on body language,  training was not boring at all, very lively and happy, I learnt a lot. Thank you.” – Toniann

“We had an amazing training session today on body language, very informative and fun, not your normal boring training session, really felt welcome and fully enjoyed the whole 3 hours thank you.”