Number Fun white

Number Fun is our preschool maths programme that explores simple concepts, introducing very young children to the idea that maths is all around us and in everything we do.

And because we make each topic fun, we help instil a love of maths that they’ll carry with them for life!

Incorporating the performing arts into core subjects such as maths has lots of benefits.

Using a combination of interactive games, rhythm and rhymes, a mathematical story, and a catchy song, Number Fun makes maths something to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Each class last for 45 minutes and introduces a different subject each week, using key mathematical vocabulary that’s appropriate for this age group.

Designed to develop early numeracy skills and confidence in maths, Number Fun covers a range of topics, including numbers, shapes, counting, time, measuring, sorting, pairs – and lots, lots more!

And we’ve found this creative preschool maths class doesn’t just support the children in your preschool setting – it also sparks conversations and further exploration between them and their parents and teachers once the session has ended.

“I have been trying for months to get Ollie interested in numbers to no avail. A couple of sessions at the nursery, with songs, rhymes and Gracie-May, and now numbers is one of his favourite topics of conversation.” Kirsten, Parent