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31st July 2018 – Number Fun

I am really starting to feel confident and excited about the way DramEd is developing. Particularly Number Fun in nurseries. Number Fun is a programme which teaches preschooler’s math’s concepts through performing arts and play and I have been running it now since March. I tend to choose a theme, such as time, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, counting in ones, twos, even numbers, odd numbers, the list goes on. In these 45 minute sessions, I use themed games and themed songs relevant to a topic and usually settle down with a themed story. However, today I focused on the fact that math’s is all around us, it’s everywhere! With this in mind, I chose an average children’s story and was delighted to find that the book alone was able to give me so much to play with. Today’s story was Jack and the Jelly Beanstalk, with in it which we could explore, weight, mass, time, height and money.