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Making up a story!

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Today as a part of DramEd’s I Can Tell a Story – Storytelling Adventures, we were going to tell our own story in Cyber tots Copley Close!

We warmed up our voices through our Caterpillar themed song which when sang well, brought out our big red and yellow fluffy caterpillar.

Caterpillar Rhyme:

Caterpillar, Caterpillar,

Red and Yellow,

Caterpillar Caterpillar,

you’re such pretty fellow.

The children were introduced to a number of caterpillar puppets. They were also introduced to a snake puppet, but did very well to catch on that this was a trick and was in fact a snake not a caterpillar!

I made up a story with my puppets, it was called ‘The Very Full Caterpillar’.
Once upon a time there was a very full up caterpillar, he was so full he was almost ready to do his magic transformation. A little bird had been watching the caterpillar eat his food and was waiting for the moment to gobble him up, but he wanted the caterpillar to be as fat as possible. He planned that today would be the day. The caterpillar looked nice and fat, so the bird waited for the caterpillar to crawl out from underneath the branch as he usually did. But he never showed up! Little did he know, the transformation was taking place, what did the bird stay for 15 days to find??? 

The children loved my story and were eager to share their own version of a caterpillar story and we had time to listen to one. *Poppy’s story began with “Once upon a time” and was about a Caterpillar who got eaten by a bird! However something extremely strange and out of this world happened. The Bird changed into a Butterfly! This whole process, including the children watching me make up my story, clearly sparked their imaginations and so many of them were eager to give it a go. This is what we want by the time they start primary school. Children learning how to piece a story together with a beginning, middle and end and something very exciting taking place.