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Hanwells Halloween Storytelling Trail

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November 2nd 2018

DramEd Events has officially launched it’s very first Interactive Storytelling Trail in the park this Halloween. A bold idea that we were very excited about doing, especially as this one was for the adults to experience a well thought-through thrill! This is what it looked like, at 7:30PM we met at a spooky location by a Church in a park in Hanwell, my local area. We had sold 10 tickets, some of which were purchased through Eventbrite. Myself and Fester waited at a specific point with Eerie music for our guests to arrive upon. When all 10 guests had arrived (all of which were couples) we set off on a journey into dark corners of The Bunny Park park sharing a bit of its history along with our own spooky stories, (of course we didn’t let on which ones were fiction). Hanwell as a location is really interesting as it already has many of it’s own spooky tales as well as intriguing history. I had the thrill of my life, even as the story teller, I mean it took some guts to lead an audience into far corners of a park, experiencing gusting cold wind through tall, beautiful trees. Bats were flying, ghost trains were passing on the bridge and we actually heard the echoes of Hannah by her well! Despite all of this, interactive storytelling is definitely an avenue Halloween with DramEd will be building on some more.

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