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I am believer in finding someone who inspires you to be whatever, or whoever, it is that you want to be. Along my journey as an entrepreneur, I have looked up to many of the greatest and read many of their books. Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, Jen Sincero, Rob Moore, Abraham Hicks… and, my list goes on. I’ve had to immersed myself in books to escape the poverty stricken mentality that I was raised with, one that has lasted for generations in my family. Their books have served me well: I have created something from nothing, I have a purpose, I know where I want to make a difference in the world.  Yet, I still faced a massive block. I couldn’t relate to them as much as I had hoped. Yes, Richard Branson left school early as did I, and he went on to achieve great things, but I am not a Caucasian male, and therefore can’t massively identify with one. Yes, Oprah Winfrey had a baby as a young teen, just as did I. She really did break down every barrier to get to where she is today, (many more than I will ever face) a I still needed to find someone closer to home who I could really identify with.



Last year, as if by the design of some great force, I stumbled across a podcast, where the host was interviewing a successful woman who was ready to launch her first book. She was of mixed heritage, born and raised in West London, just like me.  She had a baby as a teenager as did I, yet went on to forge a successful career and business in her own right.  She received an MBE from the Queen and continues to shine her light brighter every day. Her name is Jessica Huie MBE. I had found her! Out of all the people, I have ever met and the books on personal success I have ever read, it was her story I could relate to the most. I believe when you find that person, if you can, seek them out. Your consciousness needs to get to work with rewiring your mental programming to let you know it really is possible! That is what I did, as I listened to a few more podcasts she featured in. I listened to her book, and last month I booked myself onto her retreat. For four days I sat with her and 15 other beautiful entrepreneurs. She has a background in PR, so over the 4 days, I learned how to align my message with my purpose – and it has transformed me. Finding that someone, who reflects so much of you back to you, can do the same. So let’s get out there and find the people that show us it’s possible, so we can speed up the process of serving the world in the best way we can.

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