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With a Croc who’s fast on its toes!

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This month in our Story time, Move and Rhyme Sessions we complimented Nursery learning themes on Travel, Opposites, Winter and Christmas.

Open Very Carefully a Book with a Bite, by Nicola O’Byrne, well I just can’t recommend it enough. Honestly, it was brilliant! It’s a well thought out book with a twist, which starts off as ‘The Ugly Duckling’ by Hans Christian Anderson, but gets hijacked by a Crocodile, who ends up eating his way out of the book! This story was hilarious and had us, adults and children, laughing along! Not to mention the way it left us searching for the Croc around the Nursery.

When it came to opposites, we played some fab Drama games to explore this theme. We brought our hands to life and shared what our hands would do if they were happy versus sad, making big shapes versus small shapes, moved fast versus slow. Our Story that followed was 10 Little Penguins by Kate Toms, she’s a brilliant author and much of her work includes lots of rhyming which is brilliant for little ones at this stage of their development.

Snowman and the Snow Dog by Raymond Briggs, was a great tale that helped us explore Winter and Snow as a theme. This tied in nicely after our Sunday filled with Snow! We encouraged conversation about all their experiences with Snow and we used our imaginations to get set for building a Snowman. With our imaginations, we built a Snowman and took a trip to the North Pole, where we took part in an annual snow race and met Father Christmas. This story really got their imagination going, Cyber tots literally transformed into a room filled with flying snow boys and girls!

I am rooting for your children, every single one of them! Until the next newsletter, have a Fabulous Story filled month and a wonderful Christmas & New Year

With Love,

Educational Entertainer @ DramEd

More fab tales for Christmas: The Snow Man by Raymond Briggs | Twas the Night before Christmas by Clement Clark Moore