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Black History Month – Nelson Mandela

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18th October 2017 ~ Key Stage 2 Drama session with DramEd:

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the World” Nelson Mandela.

Today I played music from the South African Xhosa Tribe and asked the children to get into pairs and create a moving piece about whatever they felt inspired to do. I then progressively said words and asked them to respond to the words through movement. It didn’t matter if they were familiar with the words I was about to say or not, what was important was for them just to create. The words I said were TRAVEL, SOUTH AFRICA, TRIBE and NELSON MANDELA….what they all came up with was so interesting, because although the majority of children did not know who I was talking about, they all demonstrated the oppressor and the oppressed.   When I said the words “Nelson Mandela” there were cries of “What??”, “Who’s that!!???!!” So I just had to ask them to freeze. For us all to explore what they were expressing through movement. We rounded this After School Club with a short story of Nelson Mandela. We love learning through Drama!