Meet our Founder

Grace grew up in a socially disadvantaged household, raised by the most loving parents.

With memories of tackling childhood poverty, leaving school without GCSEs and becoming a mum by the age of 16, the little access she did have to the arts in her childhood inspired her imagination, nurtured her confidence, and inadvertently made learning fun.

A chance experience as an 11-year-old, where a short stint at a famous theatre school was cut short due to a lack of family funds, became the catalyst to Grace’s lifelong passion for making quality performing arts accessible to all children, regardless of their background or abilities.

She went on to pursue a career as an actress, performing both live on stage and on TV.

But with a growing family to care for, it was Grace’s experience of taking unfulfilling work in-between acting jobs that led to her applying her skills to create DramEd – a company that enriches children’s education through the arts, alongside supporting performers with business.

Today, DramEd delivers a range of creative educational workshops in schools, preschool programmes, in maths, literacy and fitness, as well as a variety of events in theatres and shopping centres across the country.