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Number Fun In Nurseries

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We have had a successful term of touring ‘Number Fun’ in nurseries. Number Fun is a brand new class developed to support nurseries in teaching early year’s math’s concepts. We are using music and math’s stories to support a weekly theme or topic such as shapes, 3D shapes, money, time, large numbers, counting in ones, counting in tens, counting in two’s, estimation, balance, measurements and more. As a result, we have a fabulous selection of resources that we are very proud to be using and I am brushing up on my singing too. In fact, I am loving a good old mathematical sing-song in our nurseries!

Some books that I would recommend, for preschool math’s topics include:

  •  What’s the time Mr. Wolf? by Annie Kubler – Great for teaching time.
  • Walter’s Wonderful Web by Tim Hopgood – Fab for Shapes
  • Inch by Inch (Measurements) – for Leo Lionni
  • Marvellous Math’s by Niki Davies and Out of the Ark – They have a collection of some fabulous, original songs…..this book has lots that I love to sing!

If you are interested in bringing a fun approach to learn math’s with the added benefits of a drama class, then let’s do this! 

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